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Cardio Theatre Exercise Entertainment

Providing crystal-clear digital stereo sound to your fitness center members as they exercise on your cardio equipment, Cardio Theatre helps you attract new members and keep them coming back. Cardio Theatre is the Original, the one which set the standard others try to achieve. When you want the best in Exercise Entertainment, call the most trusted, most reliable provider.

All About Cardio Theatre

Every member is motivated differently. Cardio Theatre motivates them all. In clubs equipped with Cardio Theatre, members look forward to their workouts. They know that they will be entertained, and motivated in their own way. Cardio Theatre's full line Exercise Entertainment™ systems enable health club members to listen to individually selected audiovisual entertainment choices while exercising on cardiovascular equipment. Members can select any one of up to 52 different audiovisual sources at the touch of a button.

Cardio Theatre offers the best digitized sound system available. We stand for quality and service. No one stands by their product like Cardio Theatre.

Check out our competitor comparison and see for yourself. There are imitators out there, but the original is still the best.

A Brief History

Cardio Theatre was developed by Dave Tate and a small club owner in Oregon in 1989. The original CT was a 12-channel amplifier which delivered mono sound via ribbon cable to 'turn-dial' monitor boxes. Other than a few small ads in industry magazines and one small booth at a tradeshow, Dave Tate and his partner were not aggressively marketing Cardio Theatre. In 1992, Dave Tate obtained 100% ownership of Cardio Theatre, Inc. At this time, approximately 20 original systems were sold and installed. Tony de Leede saw the potential of Cardio Theatre in 1991 and put it in all of his Atlanta-based health clubs. In no time he saw a great increase in sales and retention, and decided that Cardio Theatre was the wave of the future. Recently leading fitness equipment manufacturer Precor purchased Cardio Theatre from Tony de Leede and his partner Rick Hoagland, the company’s Vice President of Manufacturing.

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