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Comparison of 900 MHz Wireless Entertainment Systems

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Description broadcast vision
Broadcast Vision
Fitness Cinema
Launched Cardio Theater (wired) in 1993. Established the concept of Exercise Entertainment as a must in health clubs worldwide. Launched Wireless Cardio Theater in March 1997, Wireless LCS in June of 1998. Sold only FM transmitter until end of 1996. Released Fitness Cinema end of 1996. Until then, did not have a system where end user came in direct contact with system components. With FM transmitters, end user uses own walkman/radio.
Uses a Membrane Switch, which is the same type of switch currently used by cardiovascular equipment manufacturers on their display consoles.  The membrane switch is much more durable than a lexan cover. Uses a lexan cover which has a greater potential for failure due to normal wear and tear.  If failure should occur, the bottons would penetrate the cover and allow moisture to damage the circuit board.  Equipment manufacturers used this type of cover many years ago.
The headphone jack is at the end of a flexible 'pigtail', which eliminates members using unnecessary force to 'jam' their headphones into the jack. Jack remains stationary, allowing users to 'jam' headphones into the jack, increasng wear and tear and causing damage to the receiver.
Headphone jack and power supply extends from a sealed compartment on the back of the receiver, virtually eliminating the possibility of moisture damage. No cover used, therefore connections remain exposed to moisture.
USER FRIENDLINESS Mute Button - allows end user to mute the sound without having to remove their headphones.
Up and Down buttons for Volume and Channel are vertical, similar to remote control, and are more familiar to end user.
No Mute Button
Up and Down buttons for Volume and Channel are located horizontally. End user has to adjust going left and right versus up and down.  Different than most remote controls, unfamiliar to end user.
USER FRIENDLINESS LCD Display on both Transmitter and Receivers.  Large high contrast display is easy to read.  More expensive than LED display, but customer satisfaction is out primary concern. LED Display on both Transmitter and Receivers.  Small, low cost display that can be difficult to read.  Used primarily on low-end electronic equipment as a way to cut costs in manufacturing.
QUALITY OUTPUT Transmitter uses electronic filtering unit to reduce unwanted hum, hisses, and background noise for superior audio quality.
No filtering unit.

Single and 4 Channel Transmitters Available

Single Transmitters Only

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